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Take the test and discover why water is a heating system’s most important component

Water is just one of many components that make up a modern heating and cooling system. But it is all too easy to take it for granted.

It is, in fact, the most important component. Get its conditioning right and it will play a central role in ensuring efficient, trouble free operation and a long system life.

Get it wrong and the consequences can be anything from under performance to system failure.

As a leading expert in system water quality, Spirotech offers an easy to use analysis service that provides installers, site engineers and facilities managers with professional laboratory verifications.

The water quality test is a benchmark against recommended levels of pH, conductivity and water hardness, and if there is any protector present.

Spirotech offers two levels of testing, a basic water sampling and laboratory analysis and a full water analysis and in-depth report.

Results are emailed back in just a few working days, allowing rapid and efficient continuation of work on projects.

Where an issue is identified, such as oxygen corrosion, limestone scaling or biological pollution an appropriate mechanical solution will be proposed (pressurisation, vacuum degasser, air and /or dirt separator), or a chemical one.

SpiroCare ProLab analysis makes guarantee application procedures easier, as an increasing number of manufacturers require water quality analysis to be carried out before issuing a guarantee.

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