Ensuring high levels of hygiene are maintained in the school environment is crucial. Here, David Saxby, Senior Category Manager at IronmongeryDirect explains the solutions that can guarantee low maintenance peace of mind when it comes to reducing the spread of bacteria. 


As high traffic areas, germs can easily spread within educational facilities and quickly cause major interruption to learning. As such it’s important to review facility operations to find ways that help to minimise the spread of viruses. 



Door handles are widely recognised as one of the fastest ways to spread germs, as one of the most common contact points within a building. Incorporating solutions that prevent people from touching doors with their hands, particularly in busy school corridors, should therefore be considered to minimise risk. 


The Agrippa Magnetic Door Holder is an ideal solution for internal fire doors, providing hands-free access whilst adhering to fire regulations. The intelligent device uses a permanent magnet to hold the door open, allowing footfall to flow easily through the building. The device “learns” the sound of the fire alarm and upon hearing it, the magnet releases, allowing the door to fully close and therefore comply with fire safety regulations. It is incredibly easy to install, with no wiring required, and can be placed on the wall or floor. 



Of course, keeping the doors open constantly will not be a suitable solution for all areas of the school - for example, classroom doors and staff quarters require privacy. Where doors are closed, consider door hardware solutions that incorporate antibacterial properties. 


IronmongeryDirect supplies a range of products designed with this technology, including Antibacterial Push Plates that are available in a variety of sizes and are suitable for both exterior and interior use. The 430 stainless steel plates contain an antimicrobial additive that kills germs and prevents them from lingering on the surface after they have been touched. 


Lever handles can also be replaced with IronmongeryDirect’s stainless steel 19mm Anti-Bacterial Lever Door Handles. These contain a protective coating on the handle and rose, which kills 99.99% of MRSA, SARS, Listeria and other bacteria and viruses, and is effective for up to 10 years. 


Turn and Release lavatory locks and Escutcheon’s are available with this same coating, which also has a ‘self-cleaning’ effect that repels water and dirt. Aiding in maintenance requirements, these products negate the need for chemical cleaning, with only a wipe down with warm clean water required. 



Methods to reduce the growth of bacteria in storage areas can be enhanced with Rothley Anti-Bacterial products. Twin Slot Shelf Brackets in sizes ranging from 120mm to 470mm, and the Twin Slot Wall Upright range, in lengths of 425mm to 2394mm, to perfectly suit any classroom, office, or staff room space. These solutions are available in a clean white finish and BS tested to loads of 50KG.


Taking steps to minimise the spread of viruses in schools is more important than ever. By working closely with leading suppliers such as IronmongeryDirect, simple to retrofit solutions are available all from under one roof.


To find out more about IronmongeryDirect and its range of over 18,000 products, please visit


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