Energy savings boost academy budgets

Ten schools across the UK have saved a combined total of over £500,000 on their energy costs by being a part of Co-Op Power.

On average Co-op Academies have each saved £50,000 in energy bills over a two-year period, having benefited from the energy co-operative’s buying power, where members buy together for greater value and share electricity from 100% renewable sources.

The significant savings come at a much-needed time, as energy costs continue to rise and continue to be one of school’s biggest overheads, whilst the uncertainty over the past year with school closures and stretched resources have all had a substantial impact on education budgets.

Thanks to the immediate savings and reduced future costs, the Co-op Academies in Greater Manchester, Leeds, Bradford, Wirral and Stoke-on-Trent have been able to reinvest back into their schools and education.

To further improve energy efficiency and reduce costs, Co-op Power offer advice and help identify anomalies for energy usage on weekends and during school holidays when schools are closed.

David Roberts, Co-op Power Managing Director, said: “Schools’ time and resources are already stretched, by understanding the energy market we can deliver a real difference to the schools and save them time and money which can be reinvested where it counts, in education.“Buying together helps schools get better value, but we also help them to use less energy.

We’ve seen pressure building throughout the entire UK for all businesses and public services to be more environmentally friendly in order to reach Carbon reduction targets, this includes education facilities. And more importantly the energy we are providing is ethical. It’s the right thing to do, not only now but for future generations.”

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