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education design & build bulletin - January 2020

FIREscape+: Hochiki Europe’s Combined Emergency Lighting & Fire Detection System

FIREscape+: Hochiki Europe’s Combined Emergency Lighting & Fire Detection System

Hochiki Europe, the leading manufacturer of life safety solutions, has launched FIREscape+ - an innovative system which combines emergency lighting and fire detection technology. The solution, which is the first of its kind, significantly enhances building occupant safety during an emergency while simultaneously offering additional efficiencies for building owners, particularly those in education environments.

FIREscape+ features Hochiki Europe’s highly successful and cost effective FIREscape emergency lighting products, as well as its ESP intelligent range of fire detection products. By combining the two ranges into one system, Hochiki Europe can now offer a completely integrated and innovative life safety system.

The integration of Hochiki Europe’s Enhanced Systems Protocol (ESP) technology offers a number of benefits when it comes to false alarm management. Every 24 hours, the system checks for any changes to the environment and recalibrates the sensors to suit. In addition, each sensor can be individually adjusted to match the expected risk of its environment, while alarm verification technology uses time delay algorithms to eliminate unwanted alarms. These features help ensure the life safety system operates at optimum performance at all times.

The FIREscape Emergency Lighting products are all extra low-voltage, LED-based, with self-contained back-up batteries. The units continually self-monitor for battery and LED status, charging from the loop whilst in quiescent mode, whenever required. All of the luminaires in the range are also BS kite-marked.

Efficient installation and maintenance

FIREscape+ is the only truly combined fire detection and emergency lighting solution currently available to the market. A single panel controlling both fire detection and emergency lighting units on a single loop cable, can cut costs by up to 40 per cent. Furthermore, the range operates at extra low voltage without the need for mains power beyond the panel, further reducing the cost of ownership.

For more information about FIREscape+, visit: www.hochikieurope.com/firescapeplus.

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